Why Finance Your Settlement

Ardec's financing program enables your attorney to work your case with all the due diligence it requires in order to get the very best award you deserve. If your lawyer knows you are financially sound, they will be able to do their job without the pressure of having to settle early and for much less then you deserve.

For the Attorney, financing the legal fee allows you to have the funds needed to be able to deal on the same playing field as your adversary. Many attorneys know they have a great case, however, going up against the City, State and the Insurance giants requires more then just talent, it requires the staying power that Ardec's financial services can provide. No longer will you have to fret the costs of expert witnesses, the many disbursements needed to litigate and you will have the financial comfort to run your business. That's right, operating a law practice is running a business. Contact Ardec to see if you qualify.

Now you don't ever have to settle for less than your case is worth.

Other incentives for the plaintiff and attorney