Plaintiff settled and pre-settlement personal injury cases

Ardec Funding Corporation has been buying Plaintiff and Attorney personal injury law suit settlements since 1997. We have years of experience dealing with City of New York and the New York State Insurance Department Liquidation Bureau. We can purchase all or a portion of your settlement with private insurance carriers as well. There will be no credit checks, no monthly payments, no origination fees and quick and easy approval. Payment to be paid within 7 days OR sooner after receiving SIGNED contract

Ardec also offers money to Plaintiffs for your personal injury settlement that is currently in litigation. If your lawsuit does not settle you owe Ardec nothing due to our non-recourse assignment.

The amount of money advanced for pre-settlement cases depends on the merits and length of time the case has been is suit.

Sorry, we do not make advances on any soft tissue cases.

Attorney settled and pre-settlement personal injury cases

Ardec has been working with many lawyers and their firms as well. We offer the same type of service on all their personal injury cases. We can finance all settlements with City and State Municipalities, private insurance carriers, cases awaiting Infant Compromise and Surrogate orders. The processing is exactly the same as with the Plaintiff's cases. Payment will be made Approximately 5-7 days after receiving a SIGNED contract.

All Attorney advances on pre-settled files are with recourse. However, if the case is lost or does not settle for the amount advanced, the attorney can put up another file equal to the advance made on the first case.

We can wire the funds into your account or offer payment that will meet your needs.

Underwriting Procedure

For all settled cases Ardec requires a copy of the release, stipulation of discontinuance and the affidavit regarding liens signed by the Plaintiff. We also will require a copy of the "Bill of Particulars" OR "Summons and Complaints", the name, address and claim number of the insurance carrier involved. With all City and State files, the same documentation is required.

Ardec's staff will then follow up to make sure all documentation provided is carefully checked. Once Ardec's due diligence and underwriting process is completed an assignment will faxed to the plaintiff's attorney for review. Ardec will then require a fully executed assignment returned to them via fax or regular mail. Ardec require the SIGNED contract returned via fax or email. Ardec also require the return of ALL original signed contracts. Once we are in receipt of said document, payment can be made.

Means of Payment

Payment to Attorney's can be made via check and wires.


There are NO up front fees on any settled or pre settlement funding for Plaintiff and or Attorney.